Waylanders, Hearkan!

A group, diverse in so many ways, finds themselves far below the toxic surface of their ancient planet. The impossibly massive castle above them proved to be but the tip of a great complex that is the catacombs and grotto’s through which they delve. The stronghold is a primeval remnant of ages long since passed – it’s creaky walls house only the ruined tapestries and hazy tomes of forgotten empires.

A variety of motives spur the rag-tag bunch, but none so significant as the promise of “Spirit” – a substance of pure mythic and holy value – said to ward the air-born toxins that plague the living above. Supposedly, the matter is composed of what was once called “God”. To the survivors and prospectors of this new age, the divine chemical is considered vital.

As any place ripe with the promise of riches and “Spirit”, this den houses not only one group of curious and capable waylanders…


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